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They have arrived!!

We are very excited to announce that Coco & Coals litter have arrived!  We have 6 beautiful little girls and 5 handsome little boys, they are all black like their daddy.
Puppies were born on November 16th and range in weight from 9.5 oz to 14.35 oz, all are active, cubby and healthy. 
Puppies had their first trip to the vet on Thursday at age "1 day" for their first check up and to have their dew claws removed.
This is Coco's first litter at almost age 4 years old, she is a perfect momma.
Coco and Coal's pedigree is linked to my "Labrador Retrievers" page on this website.  Coco and Coal both have ansestor from USA. The credentials of their USA ansestors are listed with the American Kennel Club and will not appear on the Canadian Kennel Club pedigree.  You may want to google some of the names on Coco & Coals pedigree.
Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes the first week of January. For further information, please email or call. You can find all our contact information on the "contact" page of this website.
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