Eastern Dawn Kennels (2011) Ltd - Dog Boarding & Grooming PEI
Our kennels are manned from 8 am to 10 pm daily, also we live on site, so we are usually only a bark away if our guest need us
We offer...
Spacious Kennels- Large (individual) indoor pen, each with unlimited access to a large (individual) sheltered outside run

Outside kennels - Lots of, supervised, play time in the 40' x 40' exercise yard. Weather permitting there is often a ball game or swimming fun! We've even been seen having an afternoon picnic with the boss! (for the safety of all our guest, not all dogs can be socialized)
Pay yard
Swiming time
 - In-floor heating
 - Air Conditioned
 - Soothing music
 - Surveillance cameras - great for taking a peek throughout the night to make sure everyone is comfie
 - Lots of human interaction complete with play time, ear rubs & belly scratches!
 - Daily walks - weather permitting (for the safety of your pet, we walk only those that are leash trained)
 - Kennels are disinfected and cleaned prior to guest arrival, cleaned daily and again on a when need basis during the stay
- We consider - administering meds, walks, brushing, bath if necessary, bedtime snacks, treats, tarter busters, kongs, etc all part of caring for your pet and as such do NOT charge extra for those services

Grooming Services
Upon request, professionally trained groomer, Bonnie, will be happy to provide your poochie with a spa day during their stay.  Grooming fees will apply.  Grooming also available by appointment.

6 acres of walking trails makes for an excellent afternoon stroll...
Nice walk
Quiet sookin' time...

(for the safety of all our guest, not all dogs can be socialized)

Quality time

Lots of new friends!
 (for the safety of all our guest, not all dogs can be socialized)
Here a dog, there a dog, everywhere a dog, dog...

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